Central Precocious
Puberty (CPP) May Result in
reduced Adult Height
Children with CPP may be taller
than their classmates now, but...
If CPP is not treated as recommended, your child may have one or more early growth spurts. But the end result is that your child could end up shorter as an adult than he or she might otherwise have been. The reason is that with CPP, growth hormones prematurely stimulate bone growth and shorten the normal amount of time for a child's height to increase. Once bones have reached a certain limit and growth plates have fused, no further growth is possible.
CPP treatment may help
a child reach their adult
height potential
Treatment has been shown to effectively "halt" the progress of early puberty development that occurs when a child has CPP. Because of the suppressive effect of medicines used to treat CPP, hormones can return to pre-puberty levels, and slow the fusion of bone plates. This can help children with CPP reach their adult height potential.
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