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details about your child
How much does your child weigh now?
lbs. Children grow an average of 2"-2.5" a year. How much has your child grown in the past year?
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signs of central precocious puberty (CPP)
What symptoms of CPP have you noticed in
your child?

Check all that apply:
Adult-Like Body Odor Acne/Oily Skin Body Hair Pubic Hair Growth Spurt
Mood Swings Breast Growth (Girls) Testicle Growth (Boys) Facial Hair (Boys) Deepening Voice (Boys)
What age was your child when you first noticed these symptoms?
questions for your first office visit
Check all questions you'd like to discuss with your child's doctor during your first visit:
Check all that apply:
Is my child developing too early? Do you think my child has CPP? What causes CPP? Is this condition likely temporary or ongoing?
Are there long-term issues with CPP to worry about? How does CPP affect a child's height? Should my child see a specialist? How can I make it easier for my child to cope with having CPP?
questions about testing
Check all questions you want to discuss with your child's doctor or endocrinologist.
Check all that apply:
What tests are used to determine if my child has CPP? Will my child need all tests, or just a few? What will the tests tell me about my child?
Will the tests be uncomfortable for my child? Are there other possible causes for my child's symptoms or condition?
questions about treatment
Check all questions you want to discuss with your child's doctor or endocrinologist about treatment.
Check all that apply:
Does my child need treatment for CPP? What treatments are available? How does the treatment work and what does it do? Are there any side effects?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment? Are there risks to treatment? Do you have a recommended treatment? Why? Will my child be able to go through a normal puberty after treatment?

Thank you for your time

We hope that this will help you as you discuss your child's possible
diagnosis of central precocious puberty with your child's pediatrician or endocrinologist.

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